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Sony Playstation Move

March 12, 2010

Sony has finally unveiled their much speculated motion controller for the PS3 console. The Playstation Move takes obvious inspiration from the Nintendo Wii’s runaway success in this generation of the console wars, so although the Move looks like a Wiimote knock-off, it actually does things rather differently.

The Playstation Move requires the Playstation Eye unit, which if you don’t already have will be available as a bundle, and offers more precise motion detection. The ball on top of the controller actually changes colour to allow the Eye unit to detect it more accurately. The whole set up allows for precise detection within a 3D space. So it actually can sense the height and actual position of your swings as well as your distance.

There will also be a sub-control unit, which acts like Nintendo’s Nunchuk that attaches to the Wiimote for additional controls. However, the Move will be connected wirelessly. Check out Engadget’s extensive run-through of the Playstation Move over here.

The Move is estimated to be released at the end of the year, whilst Microsoft will also introduce their own motion detection controller to the market. So by Christmas time, we may see a three-way battle for motion sensing gaming supremacy.

Hasn’t Nintendo already got this generation of consoles wars in the bag? Or were Sony’s claims of a 10-year product cycle for the PS3 true? Microsoft promise their device will be revolutionary, what do you think that will look like?

Stay tuned as the neverending geekery continues.