Crazy New G-Shock Releases for March 2010

February 28, 2010

Casio Japan has posted 13 new G-Shock models for March 2010 release. There’s a whole slew of GA-100 and GA-110 Hyper Colors watches, along with the new Men In Earth Blue series, a couple new GIEZ models and a new GWF-1000G Frogman. There’s a little bit for everyone in this batch. The colors are all over the place from classic black to bright and glossy day-glo rainbow.


GA-100-1A1JF, GA-100A-7AJF, GA-100A-9AJF, GA-110A-4JF, GA-110A-9JF, GA-110B-2JF, GA-110B-3JF, GA-110F-2JR, GS-1200M-1AJF, GS-1300M-1AJF, GW-9100BL-2JF, GW-9200BLJ-2JF and GWF-1000G-1JR

The limited edition GA-110F-2JR comes with with a matching rainbow flavored G Man.

Source: mygshock


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